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See the PAYPAL button below to order your tickets for the concert. With any donation made here you will receive a complimentary ticket. If you make a donation over the face value of a normal ticket as shown in the drop down menu below you will receive a VIP pass which will secure a seat in the VIP section. We appreciate all supporters of the foundation and promise to provide an excellent event on Nov. 22.

Note: We have provided this option for you the supporters so that you can save on the ticketing fees charged through other ticket outlets. Since our goal is to raise as much money for the foundation as possible, we thought this would be an excellent option for you the supporters.

Proceeds go to The Kim Evanger Raney Foundation benefitting underprivileged youth in the Northwest and around the world. See foundation homepage for details.

Thank you for your support.

Donation / Ticket Type

TICKET DELIVERY: Tickets purchased through this site will be available for pick up at WILL CALL on the night of the event. Questions or for group sales/discounts email or call 425.829.7998.